The Many Benefits of Beautiful Bras


I don’t consider myself to be a fancy girl. I’m most comfortable in jeans and t-shirts; if it isn’t made of cotton I’m probably not going to wear it. My exception to this rule is a good, beautiful bra. I don’t have large breasts; I could go without a bra and no one would notice. Studies have shown that bras won’t keep your breasts from sagging so why do I and women like me continue to buy bras? Here are my reasons.

  1. Bras offer a more pleasing visual image than naked breasts. Maybe I’ve been conditioned by society, as some have suggested, to see unsupported breasts as unappealing. Personally I don’t care how I formed this opinion. I just feel that my breasts look sexier when they’re supported. And the sexier the bra, the sexier I feel.
  2. Bras offer posture support. When I’m not wearing a bra I catch myself slouching and dropping my shoulders. Putting on a bra immediately straightens my back and corrects my other posture mistakes.
  3. Bras offer a fun way to express yourself to your partner. I once had a boyfriend who could tell what kind of mood I was in by which bra I was wearing.
  4. Bras offer protection from cold weather. No one wants her nipples peaking through her sweater. Enough said.
  5. Clothes lay and fit better when your breasts are supported. Just as some tops are impossible to wear a bra with, some just don’t work without one.