The Health Benefits Of An Orgasm

>masturbation-facts_0Based on this paper about – womens sexuality and orgasms – Researchers are now claiming that an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away, so girls drop any feelings of guilt you get from masturbating – do it for your health.

There are a number of health benefits to be gained from having sex or an orgasm and here are just a few:

Longevity: Research shows that people who  have two or more orgasms a week live longer than those  who have fewer than that. One reason for this could be due to  the surge of hormones like oxytocin that comes with arousal and orgasm, this results in flooding the body and organs with nourishment.

A healthy heart and brain: There is also evidence that frequent orgasms reduce the risk against heart attack and keep our brains well nourished. MRI images have shown that during an orgasm a woman’s brain utilizes more oxygen , similar to the effects of exercise.

Reduce aches and pains: Got a headache – well apparently an orgasm is the cure. Studies suggest that orgasms can work as natural analgesics to help alleviate menstrual cramps, migraines, and other aches.

Help you relax: The hormone rush during climax is thought to work as a natural sedative, relaxing the muscles (including the brain). It is no wonder you feel relaxed and sleepy after a good session of bliss and body quivering. It is also a good stress buster.

Good for your skin: A regular orgasm can help you look  7 to 12 years younger than you are. Maybe it is the rush of blood to the skin surface that helps feed the skin and cells or maybe it is the fact that it reduces  stress and relaxes facial muscles.

Remember you don’t need a partner to have an orgasm – it is something that is equally as pleasurable when you go it alone. To really intensify the experience why not try a sex toy or rub your body parts in some sensual lubricants.