Spoil your Date!

I’m a single girl who really enjoys playing the field with many different men. I like being spoiled with attention and affection without being tied down to a commitment. I’ve found that the best way to keep a man spoiling me is to return the favour. The more attention he gets from me, the more I get from him.

More attention doesn’t necessarily mean more time. Spending a significant amount of time together almost always turns a casual relationship into a serious one and that’s just not something I’m ready for. More attention means that you focus solely on you date during the time you spend together. Listen to what he says and ask relevant questions about his interests. Show him that he’s important and deserving of your attention and he will shower you with affection.

I also like to spoil my dates by taking great care in my appearance before we go out. Men like to be seen with a woman who takes care of herself and taking time on your appearance shows him that you think he’s worth the effort. Last week I purchased ANOTHER sexy bustier for my weekend date – I wore it under a  crisp white business shirt with a few buttons undone so you could just see the lacy bit of the bustier. It was subtle yet sexy – and feeling so sexy gave me confidence on my date.

I love shopping and when I find a good deal on something I know one of my dates will enjoy I pick it up for them. Small, inexpensive trinkets are a great way to spoil a man without leading him to believe that you’re feelings are becoming serous.
When spoiling your date take care to not go overboard. Give only the amount of attention you are comfortable receiving.