Signs you’re in a Healthy Relationship

emmastone-lgThe internet and women’s magazines are full of articles on signs that your relationship is bad for you. If you want to know the signs that he’s cheating, signs you are being emotionally abused or signs that your partner is holding you back, you will find no shortage of information. What are discussed less are the signs that you are in a healthy relationship.

People assume that others are capable of recognizing a good thing when they have it, though that isn’t always the case. Here are some signs that your relationship is healthy, and your partner is one you should hold onto.

An important sign of a healthy relationship is that the partners are willing to give each other personal space. Personal space allows you and your partner to enjoy the things that make you who you are; the willingness to give that space shows that you value your partner as a person.

Couples in healthy relationships feel comfortable talking to each other about anything. Are you always honest with your partner? Do you know that you could tell him anything and he would still love you, and vice versa? If the answer is yes you’re in a healthy relationship.

Healthy couples inspire each other to be their best selves. Do you encourage your partner’s interest and talents and vice versa? Do you feel like you can accomplish more with him by your side than you could alone? If so then this is a man you should hold onto.