Should You Live Together Before Marriage?

marriage-picPremarital cohabitation is an incredibly hot topic of debate; people who are against it are REALLY against it, while many couples who cohabitated before marriage insist that it improved their relationship. Statistically, cohabitation increases the chances of a marriage ending in divorce. But if you’re moving in together for the right reasons cohabitation can lead to a successful, lifelong union.

Six vital questions to ask before moving in together (or marriage)!

Living together, married or not, is the ultimate test of a couple’s relationship. Living under the same roof affords no opportunities to hide your little secrets. You will learn everything that’s left to know about each other including bathroom habits, morning hair and how often you take out the trash. Fans of premarital cohabitation insist that learning these things before marriage helped them make their commitment. Those against cohabitation argue that couples who learn these things after marriage are more likely to work through their differences than end the relationship.

Premarital cohabitation is destructive to relationships if partners have different expectations. Most women see living together as a step towards marriage, and the standards for who they will live with and who they will marry are the same. Unfortunately many men see cohabitation as a way to stall marriage, and they have very different standards for the women they will live with and the woman they will marry.

Before moving in together let your partner know what you expect from cohabitating and make sure his expectations are the same. If you’re goals match living together can be a rewarding experience.