Shopping Therapy – A Girls Gotta Do What A Girls Gotta Do!


I LOVE to shop. As a single girl I find it’s the best way to get out and socialize with people without going to a bar or pub. Shopping offers a great escape from the demands of my everyday life. I keep my phone on me to compare prices between stores and keep careful track of how much money I spend, but I leave the ringer turned off so I’m not interrupted by anyone. Some people have accused me of having a shopping addiction but I know it’s nothing to worry about. I work hard and make good money and how I spend it is my business. I’m always careful to budget for all of my expenses before I spurge on a shopping trip. Knowing how much you can afford to spend is the key to avoiding buyers regret later on.

Where I shop usually depends on what type of mood I’m in. If I’ve had a difficult week and feel like relaxing and escaping I usually head to my favourite book shop. If I’m feeling depressed I head to a lingerie store buy whichever outfit makes me feel sexiest (I love lelo). When I’m super energized I’ll go to a shopping mall and visit every store there! For me shopping is like a scavenger hunt and finding the perfect top or pair of shoes makes me feel like I’ve discovered treasure!

If my finances change I’ll curb my shopping addiction but right now I can afford it and it makes me happy!