Sexy Lingerie – Does it help in a relationship?

cv-1809200004Ever get so excited for a date that you can barely make it through the day? That’s how I was when I was waiting for a special night with my man. We’ve been together forever and thinks are great, but pretty routine, so I decided to take it upon myself to spice things up a bit. I picked up a costume, something we’d never done in the bedroom before, but I knew that he’d love it. I was so proud of the sexy soldier’s outfit I picked up, called Private Time. My guy loves anything military, and I knew that this would be perfect for him.

To my surprise it not only fit well and looked hot, but was really comfortable. I love how well the camo dress fit, and the button front that let me choose how revealing to be. It has removable garters that come with the dress, and I definitely attached those to some of my black thigh high stockings. Best of all it came with a little matching camo cap, which was not only cute and sexy, but stayed on well.

The good news is that my guy loved the Private Time costume. He didn’t so much as say it as stand at attention from the moment he saw me in it. It definitely spiced things up a bit, and it’s even made us consider adding some role-playing to our fun. I can’t wait to see what we get up to next.