Seeing Your Ex With Someone New

I was watching this video .. and it got me thinking!

Breakups are painful; even if it was your decision to end things the death of a relationship will cause a multitude of emotions. And it is inevitable that as soon as you get these emotions under control you will run into your ex with his new girlfriend. Ideally this wouldn’t happen until you’re already happily paired up yourself, but the ideal is often much different than reality.


Here are some tips to survive such an awkward encounter.

  1. Maintain your composure at all times. It won’t do anyone any good for you to break down sobbing at the sight of your ex with his new flame. And you will feel much better after the encounter if you leave with your dignity and self respect intact.
  2. Accept that the situation will be uncomfortable and get it over with as soon as possible. It’s completely acceptable to say a quick hello then excuse yourself.
  3. Resist the urge to be rude or condescending to your ex or his new girlfriend. A bad attitude will only show that you haven’t moved on (and even if you haven’t, there’s no reason to let them know it!).
  4. Don’t judge yourself by the new woman in your ex’s life. Maybe she’s taller than you; that doesn’t mean that your height was the reason your ex left. There’s no reason to obsess or become insecure about your differences.
  5. Move on. Nothing proves that the relationship is over like seeing your ex with someone new.