Liberator Purple Ramp personal positioning wedge

cv-1838711730I listened to my friend and bought the Liberator Purple Ramp personal positioning wedge and fell in love with it the first time I used it. The Liberator Purple Ramp is a thick, sturdy, perfectly proportioned sex wedge you can use alone or with a playmate I decided to use it on my own at first as I didn’t want anyone to laugh at me for wasting my money. I spent a delightful hour reading the instructions and trying out different facets of this sex wedge. The different positions I could get into opened my body to new and fantastic stimulation .The Styrofoam core is sturdy and has a solid feel you can depend on, but I just loved the feel of the soft black cover, which removes for machine washable easy cleaning.

It didn’t take long for my boyfriend to try it out with me and now it is hard to get him off of it though it gets us both off deeper and longer. We both agree that with the Liberator Ramp personal sex cushion we both get more fun out of this one aid than anything else we have ever bought, and that we use it more often than anything else does.

It makes every position better, and lets him get in really deep. And you can use it a couple of ways, either placed under your bum, or leant over the side, making it useful for both doggie style sex and a new way for missionary style.