How to find an Older man to Date

mens healthThere are tons of reasons for younger women to seek out older men. Just to name a few you might be looking for a mature man, a more experienced man, or maybe you just want to try something different.  There are plenty or pros and cons to dating older men and with a little research you can find those out. Right now we are going to talk specifically about HOW to date an older man as it is sometimes difficult to find a date that isn’t in your immediate social circle.

The most obvious, and easiest way to date an older man is to go to a nursing home and pick one out.

Just kidding, it’s online dating. Set up a profile on your preferred site and let the dudes know up front you are looking for someone older. Beware of creep-o’s though because if they are older, not married, and on the internet looking for women there could be a reason.

If you’re not into the online dating scene older men usually have hobbies like golf, tennis, reading, shooting, or philanthropic interests. Find a way to make it to any of those activities and you’ve got your foot in the door.

The next steps are easy, just treat it like a normal relationship. Approach a guy you’re physically attracted to and strike up a conversation based on mutual interests. If the chemistry is there try to pursue the relationship.

Don’t assume he is wealthy, or successful and don’t bring up the age difference a ton. Other than that have fun exploring the awesome and not so awesome parts of older men.

The BIGGEST tip that I have when it comes to dating older men is that you need to be confident  – they are use to older women who are confident with themselves – especially in the bedroom. If you need a bit of confidence boosting for the bedroom there are some great books available to read.