Free Date Ideas

In today’s tough economy it can be difficult to find entertaining and inexpensive things to do with your significant other. But if you stop and look around you you’ll find that there are plenty of free date options all around you. Here are some no cost date ideas you can enjoy together.


1. Grab some leashes and head to a trail with your dogs. The exercise will be great for you and your four legged friends. If you don’t have dogs yourself head to an animal shelter for the afternoon and play with animals that are in desperate need of attention.
2. Check your local news for information about free music events. Many venues offer free concerts for lesser known bands and performers.
3. Take in a lecture at a local university or library. Libraries are a great venue for a free date, and many universities offer free lectures, even for nonstudents. Learn more about one of your favourite subjects or explore a new topic together.
4. Go sightseeing in your hometown. Chances are there are many historical and tourist venues close to your home. Investigate the history of your hometown and check out some of the most significant places.
5. Go on a romantic driving tour of places with sentimental value to your relationship. Start with the site of your first date and go from there.
6. Gather some sports equipment and head to the park for some friendly competition. Pack a picnic and enjoy a romantic sunset meal.