Feel The Good Vibrations: A Secret To Masturbation

masturbation-reasons-011You are never to old for toys, infact we should all have a toybox filled with things that make us smile, shiver and shake. Toys can be titillating and they  help us release the build up of stress that today’s modern life often leaves us riddled with.

I love to masturbate, it makes me feel good and helps me understand my body better. Alot of women are ashamed to admit that they masturbate and even more feel guilty for indulging. If you are one of these women then I am here today to urge you not to feel guilty – you should embrace masturbation and gain back the control of your own pleasure.

One of my favourite ways to masturbate is by using my trusty and reliable vibrator. Vibrators provide one of the strongest and most consistent forms of stimulation. By introducing the buzz factor to your solo play is a guaranteed way to ensure you reach orgasm.  Many women are daunted by a vibrator and don’t know where to start.

Begin by working the vibrator over your clitoris, to tease yourself a little you may want to keep your panties on at first. Gently circle the vibrator over your labia and clitoris – working in a figure eight. You’ll cover the clitoris and the inner labia — a lusty locale that has nerve endings within its walls, which some women find even more arousing than the clitoris.Then take it up a notch by sliding across your panties and  alternate the speeds as your desire builds.

To intensify your orgasm add some lube. As the love stick works its magic just lay back and allow yourself to ride the wave of pleasure as your clitoris becomes more sensitive, your heart rate zooms, your breathing intensifies, and the walls of your vagina begin to contract — all telltale signs you’re bound for bliss.

It is a good idea to have a few different sex toys on hand from the discreet bullet, vibrating rabbit to a rubber dong.